Urban: A Free Wordpress Theme

Urban is a free Wordpress theme from Paul Bennett, based around the idea of having posts displayed in a timeline. It features a scrolling timeline, inline loading of posts, pages, images and Youtube videos, realtime search that displays results as you type, tracking of your recently viewed pages, and other footer modules including twitter updates and last.fm recently played tracks.

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Behind the scenes

The making of the Viewport theme:
The main idea behind Viewport was to present the user with a viewport showcasing the bloggers posts in a graphic form. This of course takes no small amount of inspiration from Derek Punsalan’s ‘The Unstandard’ theme which gathered a huge following. Viewport aims to further extend that by using imagery to complement the post [...]

Tiny World

Tiny World by *Jesar
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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima by ~Ex3cut3r
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123FourFive Reprise

123FourFive Reprise by ^archanN
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Video Test

Add videos to your Viewport powered website
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Nine Inch Nails Live

HD trailer for Nine Inch Nails live.
Property of nin.com